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European Commission

European Commission

D-ILA project was presented during a webinar organized by the Adult Learning Working Group of the European Commission.


Horacy Dębowski presented the main goals of the D-ILA project during the webinar and actively participated in the discussions.


The D-ILA project presentation is HERE


The main takeaway prepared by the DG EMPL Adult Skills Team are the following: The topic artificial intelligence is of interest to EU Member states and organisations, but responding policies are at early stages. Focus is more on exploring the situation, data gathering and analysis if and where there would be need for policy intervention.


Biggest potential of AI in adult learning: deploying personalised learning at scale. Instead of focusing on deploying knowledge via standardised studies, the paradigm will be: how to support individuals in the best way (with the use of AI) to learn the skills they need? This raises the following questions:

  • Need to rethink the current systems based mainly on classes and courses – what are the implications for the logistics of learning?
  • Changing standardised assessment?
  • What would mean partially automated teaching and assessment for the QA of (adult) learning?
  • What are the implications on the teaching profession?
  • What is the social optimum of implementing AI in learning in in employment?
  • Is there a need for policy makers to intervene in regulating AI developments into the adult learning field?
  • What are the policy tools we need?


For the future of work, when AI supports the worker, it could lead to the reshaping of the experience of the employee at the workplace. There could be more focus on strategic work and tactical work, like for example

  • Pursuing new markets
  • Enhancing products and services
  • Imagining new products and processes
  • Creating and using unique knowledge
  • Communication and collaboration at a different level
  • Making better decisions
  • Optimising business operations, business administration and gathering information
  • Optimizing the hiring procedure
  • Improve safety at work