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Building Blockchain Project in SMEs

How to implement our idea on the blockchain?

Available date and registration:

2024. June 11-13.

2024. September 30.
October 2., October 4.


online 3×6 hours


June: Hungarian
September: English

Tuition fee:

HUF 40,500 + VAT
110 Euros + VAT

In our course, we explain how to go from an idea to a solution using blockchain-based technologies. Through examples, we demonstrate what makes a blockchain-based project unique and how blockchain can aid in the realization of business ideas. By examining business use cases and blockchain solution patterns, we illustrate the benefits of blockchain, whether it’s for distributed data storage, multi-partner collaboration, integrating existing systems, or reimagining and digitizing processes.

We support the practical application of theoretical knowledge by analyzing and brainstorming participants’ submitted ideas, leading to a high-level project plan.

The course is offered by BME, KIFÜ, and EIT Digital as part of the SME4DD EU project. Additional blockchain courses are also available during the project, focusing on project management, IT design and development, and system engineering perspectives.

What We Offer

We present the main types and possibilities of blockchain projects, from building your own prototype to integrating with large supply chains.

Blockchain solution patterns and business use cases
Basic concepts: wallets, identifiers, blockchain networks, distributed ledgers, consensus mechanisms
Most commonly used solutions: typical features of Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum-based blockchain applications
Broader perspective: other blockchain technologies
International examples and personal project experiences
Typical challenges and pitfalls of blockchain projects, and how to evaluate them
Common elements of blockchain project planning, specific decision points, roadmap creation
Common risks and how to mitigate them
European-level infrastructure and expected regulations
Decentralized digital identifiers and their role
Multi-session collaborative workshops: from idea to application

Dr. Imre Kocsis, Blockchain/DLT Lab Technical Lead, BME MIT

Dr. Imre Kocsis is an associate professor at the Department of Measurement and Information Systems at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME). His key research areas include ensuring full flexibility of blockchain-based applications (from platform flexibility to the correctness and robustness of smart contracts), as well as computational flexibility in operational settings. He leads BME’s involvement in the Hyperledger project and is the national observer delegate in ISO blockchain standardization efforts.

Dr. László Gönczy, Senior Blockchain Expert, BME MIT

Dr. László Gönczy is an associate professor at the Department of Measurement and Information Systems at BME. He has experience in business modeling, industry-oriented R&D projects, and conducting executive-level courses for professionals. In 2016, he received mentorship from the Linux Foundation for “On-chain Business Process Management.”

After Completing the Course

What will the course prepare you for?

High-level planning of blockchain projects
Criteria for selecting a blockchain solution
Formulating and evaluating a blockchain project proposal
Knowledge of typical tasks in a blockchain project
Our focus group

The course is recommended for those planning to implement blockchain-based projects or who just want to understand how an idea can be realized on the blockchain:

Project Managers
Product Owners
Lead Developers
Business Analysts
Domain Experts