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Blockchain for Small Businesses

How to Build New Business Collaborations on Blockchain?

Available date and registration:

2024. september 16-17.

2024. november 26-27.




September: English
November: Hungarian

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Learn how smart businesses use blockchain to discover new business opportunities.

The emergence of blockchain-based technologies has brought revolutionary changes to business opportunities. That’s why more and more industries are “blockchainizing”, introducing this innovative technology into enterprise solutions to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and explore new business opportunities.

The “Blockchain for Small Businesses” course is designed to provide a practical and easy-to-understand introduction to blockchain applications in the SME and public sectors—without requiring technical expertise. The course is offered by BME and EIT Digital as part of the SME4DD EU project. The project also includes additional blockchain courses focusing on project management, IT design and development, and system engineering perspectives.

What We Offer

During the course, we will cover the basics of blockchain and demonstrate which typical services and collaborations can be “blockchainized”, with a focus on known SME use cases, whether for implementing your own blockchain application or integrating with a larger system.

Blockchains and distributed "ledgers" between enterprises – beyond and without cryptocurrencies
Applications available for SMEs: from data authentication and process tracking to tokenization
A Blockchain Story's Lifecycle – from concept to implementation
Key project and technical risks, strategies to manage them
Emerging regulatory environment
Bring Your Own Problem: pre-analysis of provided ideas as case studies

Prior to the course, we conduct a short questionnaire-based survey, from which we select a “blockchain story” to present from our previous works (examples: inter-organization document management processes, smart utility meter data management, copyright management).


Dr. Imre Kocsis, Head of the Blockchain Lab, Associate Professor
Critical Systems Research Group, Department of Measurement and Information Systems, BME

Imre Kocsis is a lecturer and researcher in the Critical Systems Research Group at BME, and leads the group’s blockchain lab. Since 2016, he has been teaching and researching blockchain-based solutions, with a focus on inter-enterprise blockchain solutions, especially Hyperledger platforms. He specializes in the design of inter-enterprise blockchains, requirement-driven design, and applications in critical and central bank digital currency systems. He leads BME’s Hyperledger activities and represents BME in the European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) network. He is also the head of the educational working group in the Blockchain Coalition.

Dr. László Gönczy, Senior Blockchain Expert, Associate Professor
Critical Systems Research Group, Department of Measurement and Information Systems, BME

Dr. László Gönczy is a lecturer and researcher in the Critical Systems Research Group at BME, specializing in blockchain. Since 2017, he has been involved in designing and evaluating blockchain-based applications, focusing on integrating business processes and regulatory frameworks with blockchain technology. He is the lead developer for the EDGE-Skills EU project, aiming to create reliable data-sharing spaces, which involves 37 international partners. He also delivers various adult education courses and is a member of the Blockchain Coalition’s Fintech working group.

After Completing the Course

What will you gain from the course?

Understanding the key opportunities in blockchain technology
Assessing potential within your corporate environment: for increased efficiency and new business opportunities
Formulating project ideas and identifying the main blockchain benefits
Our target group

The course is suitable for anyone looking to enter the world of blockchain-based applications—whether seeking business innovation or personal growth:

Product and service managers
Project managers
Business analysts
Business professionals interested in digitalization and innovative IT solutions

Participation in the course is free of charge!