KIFÜ provides modern, stable and secure ICT services for the Hungarian public education, the vocational education and training and the higher education institutions, the research and development institutes and the public collections, and the governmental and state owned organizations to support research, digital education and the digitization.
These services developed and maintained by KIFÜ can be used by a total of 1.6 million users at more than 6,000 institutions.

Network Services

The Digital Success Backbone Network (DJG) developed and maintained by the KIFÜ provides high-capacity, secure networking services for the connected organizations.

  • The digital educational contents and the Internet can be securely accessed through the Diákháló from more than 5,000 public and vocational education sites for the students and their teachers.
  • The universities, the research and development institutes and the public collections, or the other governmental and state owned organizations can connect to the DJG to access the KIFÜ's data centre services, international academic and research networks and the Internet.
  • The additional services can increase security and make the services more convenient to use.
  • KIFÜ providing system of roaming network acces using wireless connection (WiFi) called eduroam for all served organisation

Data Centre Services

KIFÜ operates geographically distributed data centres with a high level of data security and operational stability. The state-of-the-art data centre services, distributed and reachable via high-capacity network, provide a resource- and costeffective solutions for the institutions.

Data centre services include infrastructure services (IaaS), platform services (PaaS), and software services (SaaS). In addition, we provide various additional services as well.

The support acces to services KIFÜ developed eduID enables you accessing several federated services making us of your instiutional digital identity. KIFÜ acting as a federation operator of eduID.hu ensuring high quality and effective technical operation of the Federation, enforces compliance to relevant standards, in agreement with other federation operator at he European scale and Worldwide.

Supercomputing services

KIFÜ maintains and operates one of the most modern supercomputer (HPC) infrastructures in Central Europe, with which it greatly contributes to the success of domestic and international scientific researches. The supercomputers that form the HPC infrastructure are currently geographically distributed at five sites in Hungary (Budapest - KIFÜ site; Debrecen; Pécs; Miskolc; Szeged), in close cooperation with local universities.

  • As part of the HPC infrastructure service, supercomputer capacity is available and research data can be stored.
  • HPC platform and software services provide a variety of specific scientific applications that manage specific computational tasks, analyse and display their results.

HPC Competence Centre (HPC CC)

The Hungarian HPC Competence Centre (HPC CC) established by the Governmental Agency for IT Development (KIFÜ) in 2020, is responsible for promoting HPC culture, familiarizing the HPC infrastructure to the potential academic and industrial users in Hungary. HPC CC provides access to KIFÜ’s supercomputers and offers user support to the HPC user community as a main task. It is the responsibility of our experts to judge the project demands and to allocate the national HPC resources, that should be in line with the scientific impact of the research to be planned. The HPC Competence Centre keeps contacts with the domestic users and the international professional partners, and represents the Hungarian HPC infrastructure and community in international professional forums.

The mission of the HPC Competence Centre is to support the domestic HPC community and to integrate it into the international HPC ecosystem.

Further information: https://hpc.kifu.hu/

hpc.kifu.hu will soon be available in English

Customer Service

KIFÜ provides technical and administrative support, for more than 6,000 customers, to manage service incidents and requests, and a CSIRT (Computer Service Incident Response Team) to respond to IT security incidents, that is available throughout 24 hours in every day of the year.

For further information about KIFÜ's ICT services, please contact our Customer Service:

 + 36 1 450 3070