About us

The Governmental Agency for IT Development (KIFÜ) operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. KIFÜ carries out its activities defined in the government decree 268/2010. (XII. 3.) and government decree 5/2011. (II.3) on the National Information Infrastructure Development Programovernmental decree 5/2011.

KIFÜ’s activities can be divided into three major areas: 

  • performing the management and quality assurance tasks of national or EU co-funded projects from the preparations through their implementation to their completion
  • developing and operating IT infrastructure, and provision of services based on this infrastructure to national public education, higher education and academia, research institutes and public collections
  • perform tasks related to the Superfast Internet Program

In the recent years our institute played a major role in implementing approximately 50 IT projects. Currently, we are involved in 60 ongoing projects and 10 additional projects are under preparation. Their total value exceeds HUF 400 billion. In order to achieve the goals of the projects in a cost-effective manner, KIFÜ performs independent quality assurance in case of 35 key IT and organization development projects with the overall value of HUF 187 billion. 

KIFÜ implements Hungary’s most extensive broadband infrastructure development programme, the SZIP (High-speed Internet Programme), which aims at providing high-speed Internet access to each Hungarian household, enterprise, and public institute that requires, by the end of 2018. 

In 2018, KIFÜ was appointed to modernize the network access to meet the requirements of the modern age in thousands of schools, providing Wi-Fi access to students and teachers based on the principles defined in the Digital Education Strategy and within the frameworks of the ‘Diákháló’ Programme.
Our colleagues (more than 300) pay exceptional attention to knowledge and experience sharing. We intend to enhance the country’s digitalization, and the digital transformation of Hungary.

Zoltán Szijártó, president of KIFÜ